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Why should I enter “La Belleza De Año” pageant?

“La Belleza Del Año” pageant is an amazing opportunity for Latin women to gain and build social and life skills that will make a difference in her life and the world around her! You will obtain memories and experiences that will help you grow as an individual, make new friendships and make a difference in your community, all while being and becoming a role model for the Latin ladies of today.


Who may participate in the pageant?

If you are female, between the ages of 14 and 27 no later than the pageant month of the present year, and you are of Latin or Hispanic heritage, you may participate in the pageant.


What is an “Open Call” Invitational and do I have to attend one to be in the pageant?

Yes! If you would like to participate in the pageant you must attend one of our “Open Call” Invitationals.  This is where you will get all of your questions answered, and you will personally get interviewed to possibly be selected as one of our finalists to compete in the pageant!  

How many finalists will be chosen to compete in the pageant?

Our pageant will only be selecting 20 finalists per crown! Since this is our Inaugural pageant, we have received lots of interest! Make sure you register early to attend one of our "Open Call" Invitationals.


Aren’t all beauty pageants the same...don’t they only focus on a candidate’s beauty?

In our pageant, we celebrate the beauty of each and every Latin lady, as each one is individually beautiful inside and out.  Our focus, is to build confidence and character to empower candidates in making a difference in their lives and the lives of others in the world around them.


Is there a registration fee?

Once you are selected as a finalist, there is a registration fee of $250.  Once you pay for your registration fee, you will receive a beautiful sash to showcase that you have been selected as a Finalist in our pageant!

What other costs are involved in order to participate?


  • Opening number outfit – Everyone is required to wear the same outfit in our opening number.

  • Formal Cocktail Dress – A short cocktail dress of your choice!  

  • Formal Coronation Dress - If you are crowned, this will be the dress you will be crowned in!

  • Spotlight Page –  Each Finalist will be featured in our beautiful “Belleza” souvernir album!

  • Finalists must sell a minimum of 2 Sponsor Ad pages.

  • Heritage Costume/Dress – Represent your city of heritage with a beautiful dress, or costume!

  • Ticket Sales – Each contestant is required to sell a minimum of 4 tickets to the pageant.


How may I pay for the costs associated with being in the pageant?

In order to cover the costs for being in the pageant we encourage you get sponsors.  Finding sponsors is easy, they love to help and would love to advertise their business in our beautiful “Belleza” souvenir album!  Your registration fee, your dresses/costumes and spotlight pages would be covered in no time!  Plus, don’t forget to ask your family and friends, they would love to support you! *In our Belleza “Tips and Tricks,” we will disuss how easy it is to obtain sponsors, fundraisers and family support.



Do I have to get sponsors to cover my pageant fees or can I just pay for them myself?

If you wish to pay for your pageant fees yourself, you are more than welcome to.  Some candidates enjoy getting sponsors, other candidates decide to pay their pageant fees themselves.


Are there other contests that I may participate in within the pageant?

Yes! There are several other mini-contests that you can participate within the pageant! From our Covergirl contest, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Most Beautiful Quinceañera Dress, and others.  You may find them under  “Optional Contests” .   


Can I ask a friend to participate in the pageant with me?

You can definitely participate in the pageant with a friend!  “La Belleza Del Año” pageant will be an amazing experience that you will both cherish! 


I have never been in a pageant, I am a shy person and I don’t know if I can do this?

If you consider yourself shy, this will be an opportunity of a lifetime!  Building confidence, poise, self-esteem, leadership, making friends, growing as a person and helping your community is exactly what this pageant is all about!  This is a great time to find yourself and let yourself shine!


How much of a time commitment is involved in being a finalist and being chosen as  “La Belleza Del Año?”

There will be several commitments involved with our pageant.  For the finalists, you will  be making social and promotional appearances leading up to the pageant.  Appearances are full of excitement and a great way to get in front of the community!  The Runner-Ups and  winners of “La Belleza Del Año” pageant will have a higher level of commitments throughout the reigning year.


Payments associated with the pageant will be accepted in cash or credit cards.  All payments are final and no refunds will be given.

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